Top 6 Things to Do in San Juan la Laguna!

San Juan la Laguna is known as one of the most culturally rich villages on Lake Atitlan! Here are some local travel tips to celebrate this indigenous village filled with colorful art and beautiful Tz'utujil Maya people.  

1.  San Juan la Laguna is accessible by boat, tuktuk and bus depending on where you are coming from. We came in from Panajachel which is just a boat ride away. From San Marcos or San Pedro, a tuktuk can take you. If you are coming in from Xela, there is road access from the highway.


2.  Calle de las Sombrillas is the famous umbrella street down by the muelle and can’t be missed. This street is lined with art galleries where you can pop in and meet the local artist creating incredible one-of-a-kind paintings.


3.  Most people come to San Juan to enjoy the Mirador Kaqasiiwaan, which is a lookout point overlooking San Juan and the entire Lake Atitlan. On a clear day you can see Volcan de Fuego in Antigua off in the distance. Once at the top, there are endless photo opps and even a cute little stand to enjoy a Michelada!


4.  Our long-term artisan partner Rosa offers natural dye workshops and weaving lessons for just $15 a person. AND you get to take your weaving home! You can find their studio at LEMA Association and any tuk tuk or neighbor can point you in the right direction.


5.  The Calle de Cafe is known as the street lined with tons of colorful murals. It is adjacent to the town church, which should also not be missed.

6.  Speaking of coffee, before you head back, be sure to enjoy one of the many coffee shops by the main docks. San Juan is world famous for its specialty coffee and many local families have even picked the cherries themselves. If you have time, head to La Voz coffee farm for a more in-depth coffee experience!


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