First Look: The Hiptipico Studio

We’re excited to announce that we have our studio set-up again in our Panajachel office! Alyssa came to Guatemala to visit and worked with us to arrange everything so that we can bring you a lot of new, fun and educational content. For those of you who have followed us for some time you probably already recognize our famous faja wall and know that we use it to showcase our beautiful, ethically sourced fajas which also serves perfectly as a unique backdrop for our videos and photos. 

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This faja wall is inspired by our artisan partners in Chichicastenango who originally displayed their fajas across the back of their wooden stall. We hired a local carpenter in Panajachel and asked him to recreate the design so we could also showcase all the fajas before they became camera straps. Little did we know that it would become the backdrop for our education videos and an instagrammable corner for visitors in our office. 

 Chichicastenango market, Fajas, Huipiles Fajas

Since moving to our new home/office we hadn’t yet found the perfect spot for the giant faja wall. But with a little creativity we ended up switching things around in our entryway and have successfully recreated the original Hiptipico studio! Although we still need to add a few more lush green plants to freshen up our studio, we have all our tech equipment set up, ready to shoot high-quality content for our supportive community. We look forward to shooting new content and bringing you educational videos explaining the origins of each one of our unique products.

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Most of our video content and educational videos end up in our VIP facebook group, so be sure to join us over there to access this exclusive content and BTS of all our products. We look forward to connecting with all of you!


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