Mujeres de Hiptipico

While we know Mother’s Day is not always celebratory for everyone, we want to use this post as a reminder to honor the strength, power and wisdom that all of us women possess, we are magic. We want to take a moment to feature a few revolutionary women from our artisan community that we are honored to work with.  

Doña Maria and Lydia. 

Mother and daughter duo from Chichicastenango. Maria and her family have been in the used textile business for over 20 years now! Doña María is the matriarch of her family and total jefa managing various stalls in markets across Guatemala. Her children Edgar and Lydia have continued their family's legacy, and are known for sourcing some of the best vintage pieces honoring all the huipiles of Guatemala.

Artisans Lydia and Maria from Guatemala  Artisans from Chichicastenango Maria and Lydia
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Doña Teresa

Mother of 8 from Santa Catarina Palopó.  Teresa has been an essential part of the Hiptipico team since 2014!   Doña Teresa is the designer of our floral greeting cards and creator of the dust bag that protects each Hiptipico product. That means every single order at Hiptipico is touched by the love, creativity and pride of Doña Teresa and her family! The entire family is involved in their small business that started with her creative weaving talent! And thanks to your support, Teresa has had a dignified job opportunity making a living wage for the past 9 years to support her family of 10!

female weaver from san catarina palopo  Mayan Family, mother and daughters Rural Guatemala

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Doña Elena

Grandmother to Helen, and one of our favorite vendors to visit at the Panajachel Bomberos Textile Market. Their families have been selling at this market for close to 20 years and they have the most incredible collection of huipiles from their village of Patzún, Chimaltenango.  All of the Patzún textiles we use are sustainably sourced from Doña Elena and are often featured on our famous sling bag!

elena artisan from patzun Guatemala

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Maria, Laticia, Elena y Pascuala

Are just a few of the strong women from the Chontala weaving cooperative.  These revolutionary women are  talented weavers who specialize  in the intricate embroidery of our newly woven camera straps.  Our partner cooperatives set their own rates, weave at their own pace, in their own home, managing their families and work simultaneously like the incredibly talented women and mothers they are!

Mayan Female Young Mother  Mayan Mother, Rural Guatemala
Indigenous Artisan with children Guatemala  Mayan girls, Chichicastenango rural guatemala

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In Guatemala’s rural indigenous communities, women don’t traditionally work outside the home. Partnering with Hiptipico allows our female artisan partners to determine when and where they work. Many of our weaving partners choose to comfortably work from home, and make their own hours. This flexibility allows them to care for their families.  Along with these smiling faces, there is also extreme hardship that these women face in rural Guatemala. So let’s use this post to admire each other and the balancing act we maintain as women in this world.  

We are so proud of the impact we have made, and it's all thanks to you! We are so grateful for your support and interest in making more conscious and ethical shopping decisions.  


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