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Yes, her account got deleted by Instagram!

Follow her new temporary account @itsalyssaya while she tries to get it back. 

And, read her recent blog post recounting the story:

How I got sent to Instagram jail!

By: Alyssa Cate

On November 5, 2019 I woke up to my Instagram account being deactivated. I instantly knew because I was logged out and could not log back in. I also knew from the numerous messages of people sending me screen shots of my account with no posts, no followers, nothing.

I have been posting since 2012 and had 47k followers linked to my business. So, I was really hoping to get it reinstated. I found a contact page and submitted my request for them to reactivate my account. This was immediately followed by an email giving me more instructions. I was given a code and had to take a picture of myself holding a blank piece of paper with that code. Of course, they delete your account in the middle of the night. So you wake up all frantic and to take this picture. Just like a mugshot.

One week prior to my jail sentence, I received a few account warnings saying that my content was going against the community guidelines. My posts were removed, my stories were taken down. Instagram warned me my account might be deleted. I submitted a review for all of these warning. Because I knew my posts needed to be seen. To give some background. I am not a bikini model or radical political group. I am a small business owner posting about responsible travel.

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follow along for updates on her new account @itsalyssaya


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