What is a Huipil?

Oct 13, 2014

The most fascinating patterns and colors are produced when Maya artisans create their Huipiles. A huipil (pronounced wee-peel) is the embroidered blouse worn by indigenous women in Guatemala. Women in Guatemala pair their Huipil with a traditional long fabric skirt [corte]. These skirts are made from large pieces of fabric usually woven on a foot loom that they then tie around their waste and secure with a wrapped belt.

Customizable Guatemala Fabric

Bomberos Guatemala Vintage Hiptipico

Every region, town and village in Guatemala can be defined by their unique Huipil. Each embroidered pattern is geographically specific and hand-woven with cultural significance. Huipiles are still widely worn by Mayans in Guatemala; however, they also have their fashion trends. New styles, embroidery and colors come into play and old huipiles are replaced with new designs. That is why many pieces are antique, vintage and no longer worn by indigenous women. The stained, worn, out of date, antique huipiles are now being resold at local Guatemalan markets as an additional source of income. At Hiptipico we reuse these beautiful works of art as centerpieces, chair adornments and upcycled to create bags and other accessories. We also hand-pick the most fascinating huipiles for your vintage wardrobe!

For example: Our Weekenders and Backpacks are made from unique recycled huipiles from all around Guatemala. 

Guatemalan WeekendersHiptipico Backpacks

You can shop our new curated collection of exclusive Vintage Huipil Blouses.

Hiptipico Vintage Huipil Guatemala

We are able to source new and used Huipiles from local artisans around Lake Atitlan. Add some Maya flair to your life with culturally respectful and traditional items from Hiptipico Vintage Marketplace. Or custom order any design or pattern for your next bag or to decorate your home!

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