At Hiptipico, we pride ourselves in being part of the Slow Fashion movement. All of our products are artisan-made, providing dignified job opportunities to our Mayan partners in Guatemala. 
These artisans are invested in sharing and preserving their indigenous culture. Most of our bags and accessories are sustainably made with up-cycled fabric from the traditional Mayan dress called tipico.
A guipil (pronounced wee-peel) is the embroidered blouse worn by indigenous women in Guatemala. This is paired with a long fabric skirt [corte] that’s wrapped around the waist and secured in place with a wrapped belt [faja].
When old pieces go out of style, our artisan partners re-purpose the fabric in their products or re-sell them as vintage! Either way, it saves the gorgeous material from going to landfill, and avoids the potential waste created by the production of brand-new material.
By repurposing these "pre-loved" fabrics - your purchase not only recycles beautiful fabrics, but also provides an additional source of income to female weavers working to preserve Mayan culture.




Through Hiptipico’s Backpacks that Give Back program, the children of our artisan partners are able to attend an international preparatory school in Guatemala. Ten percent of the proceeds from every backpack purchased on our online store goes directly to this scholarship program.
Other scholarship programs send students to government-run public schools, but they are often overcrowded and under-resourced. By receiving a high-quality international education, students in Hiptipico’s program grow up speaking three languages - English, Spanish and their traditional Mayan dialect. Studying with both local Guatemalan and US certified teachers, our scholarship recipients maintain their culture while receiving a world class education.
Hiptipico founder Alyssa's idea behind the program is to ensure that the artisans’ children receive a high-quality education that embraces and maintains local culture while also teaching tools like English-language proficiency and computer skills that will eventually help them obtain work and break the cycle of poverty. 

“Scholarship recipient Jonathan is already showing great results. Speaking Kaqchikel at home, Spanish with his new friends and English in the classroom, Jonathan is already on the way to becoming trilingual at only 5 years old.” - Alyssa 




Since moving to Guatemala in 2011, Hiptipico founder Alyssa always gave attention to the street dogs in Panajachel. It wasn't until seeing a cute little pup escape the afternoon downpour everyday for 3 months straight that she decided to do more than just give kisses and scraps of food. In 2014, Alyssa officially rescued that stray dog and took him home! After a thorough bath and vet visit, it was noted that this pup was 7 months old and had already been neutered.
Alyssa chose the name Ixil after the Mayan region most affected by the 36-year civil war, a region that barely survived a genocide. A region that Alyssa witnessed firsthand as being extremely resilient, humble and warm. Ixil was the perfect name.
After doing some research, Alyssa came across a local non-profit organization named AYUDA that helps strays by providing surgery and vaccinations. While they cannot always find homes for all the animals they care for, their efforts help curb the problem of overpopulation and make sure the homeless dogs are at least sterilized and up to date on their vaccines. They are the reason why Ixil was healthy enough to survive the streets until he found his owner!
Since then, Alyssa donated regularly to AYUDA to show appreciation for their efforts and now transitioned that to a direct impact program of Hiptipico.
Hiptipico's Collars for a Cause program donates ten percent of every collar and leash purchased from our online store to these much-needed health care and sterilization clinics. Alyssa and the Hiptipico team are dedicated to seeing the improved health and wellbeing of the stray dogs and cats around Lake Atitlan.
Since launching this initiative in 2016, Hiptipico has rescued 3 dogs and 1 cat off the streets of Panajachel. We’ve also connected two puppies with loving homes in the states! The Hiptipico office space in Panajachel is open to temporary fosters and animals recovering from surgery.
As a team, we all volunteer once a month at the local animal clinic - spending the day helping doctors prepare for surgery, comforting animals after treatment and providing support to the volunteer vets.
Want to donate to the cause or adopt a loving friend from Guatemala? We can help with the process! ♡ ∙ ♡  



Hiptipico Give Back Ethical Fashion


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