13 B’aktun

Dec 20, 2012

About 13 B’aktun

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The Maya were a very advanced civilization.

They were outstanding architects -they built the tallest pyramid in the world, La Danta at El Mirador, not surpassed in height until the first skyscraper was erected in 1885.

They were excellent astronomers -their calculations of the solar year have been the most precise of all human history until the invention of very modern instruments of space exploration.

They were stunning mathematicians -invented the combined use of the positional numeral system and the zero, centuries before any other civilization.

And they predicted “it will be the end” this 13 Baktun (December 21, 2012).
Glyph of the 13 Baktun.

What is “13 Baktun”?

13 Baktun is a date, composed of the number (13) and the unit (Baktun).

Just like if we said “Year 2000”, composed of the number (2000) and the unit (year).

Only that one Baktun is a period of time much longer than one year.

Is this December 21st the beginning or the end of the 13 Baktun?

December 21st 2012 is the end of the 13 Baktun.

What is one “Baktun”?

One “Baktun” is a period of 20 “Katun”.

One “Katun” is a period of 20 “Tun”.

One “Tun” is a period of 18 “Winal”.

One “Winal” is a period of 20 “Kin”.

One “Kin” is a day.

In all Mayan Calendars, days are the building blocks of time.

In other words, one Baktun is a period of 144,000 days.

Is one Baktun equal to 5125 or 5200 years?

None of the above! The Maya counted days, not years.

They didn’t even know the concept o

f “year”, because it belongs to the Gregorian Calendar brought to America by the Catholic Church about 500 years ago.

In fact, if they would have known the concept of “year” they wouldn’t have liked it! They liked exact periods of time and precise mathematical calculations, which are difficult in our Gregorian Calendar because of the confusing leap years.

What are 13 Baktuns?

Just like 1 Millennium has 1000 years and the end of the millennium caused a lot of controversy, one “Era” in the Long Count Mayan Calendar has 13 Baktuns and the end of the 13 Baktun is causing a lot of controversy.

Is the 13 Baktun the end of the Mayan Calendar?

The 13 Baktun is not the end of any of the Mayan Calendars. All of them are cyclic and go on and on –even after the end of the world.

It is only the end of one “Era”.

How many Mayan Calendars are there?

The Maya used many calendars. They had a Venusian Calendar, a Lunar Calendar, a Solar Calendar and many more.

Among all their calendars, three were the most important: the Tzolkin, the Haab, and the Long Count.

The Baktun count belongs to the Long Count Mayan Calendar.

Which Era is this? Have there been other Eras before?

According to the Popol Wuj, this is the Fourth Era.

There have been three Eras before and at the end of each one of them humanity has been destroyed.

Will there be a Fifth Era?

Nowhere in the Mayan Writings can be found a reference to a Fifth Era.

Is the 13 Baktun the end of the world?

You can find the answer to this question in the book.